Ma Yun’s The Same Paragraph, Find Out?

For a long time, our imagination of the life of the rich has basically stayed decades ago-for example, a beverage giant who only bought clothes in supermarkets has once become an example of diligence and thrift, or bought a second-class train Tickets have become a hot topic (Rabbit was still sitting on the high-speed rail floor last week. He slept all the way back and lived off a public migrant worker. It is estimated that if this picture made the headlines today, there must be many readers jumping up and saying, ‘See if she even takes a ticket Ca n’t afford it, the watch must be fake! ”Keke, the rabbit is just trying to say that judging a person’s wealth by appearance and consumption is not effective, and hardship and simplicity are no longer the labels of a wealthy generation. This misplaced judgment is outdated. After all, why make money? The most basic thing is to improve life-it is not just food and clothing. We have a lot of misunderstandings about big guys, especially IT big guys, who think they are the least sloppy, but this is not the case. The most famous misunderstanding is probably Steve Jobs. The press conference of Joe helped launch the simulation of the Internet era. Today, the development conference of domestic IT companies is all in one tone-the boss of a T-shirt and jeans standing in front of the big screen talks openly. But the difference is that we are really wearing a T-shirt of dozens of dollars, and Jobs is wearing a Japanese designer Issey Miyake customized for him. For convenience, he made 100 pieces of the same clothes and changed them. Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, was also once regarded as frugal, wearing only simple T and hoodies. But in fact his T comes from Italian brand Brunello Cucinelli, 2600 yuan. And this hoodie, from the same brand. This dress is 9,300 yuan. Brunello Cucinelli is famous for cashmere. Liu Tao wore countless other clothes in Ode to Joy and became famous in the First World War. The image of a career woman stood up. In fact, there are many IT bosses in the United States wearing Brunello Cucinelli’s clothes. For the sake of protecting the privacy of guests, brands cannot disclose their identities. But low-key enough, it is easy to be ignored by people who do not know much about quality. And Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has an Athens watch, Calssic Dual Time, although 70,000 is not a high price, but it also shows that IT industry and luxury goods are not insulated. As for China’s IT leaders, don’t underestimate them. Sohu’s Zhang Chaoyang was full of Moncler, hats and clothes at the Internet conference (Moncler is definitely a popular fried chicken, business has skyrocketed in recent years). And Baidu Li Yanhong has Patek Philippe is also known to the world, a piece of 5167, the price of 169,800 yuan. No matter how Ma Huateng, the suit can be wrinkled, but the watch must be worn, a Piaget Polo FortyFive chronograph, 160,000 yuan. As for Liu Qiangdong, as far as the rabbit knows, he has at least several watches such as Jaeger-LeCoultre, Athens, and AP. Nowadays, and watchmakers are playing fiercely, and I bet that Lao Liu will definitely buy watches crazy (the picture below is his Athenian Whispering Tourbillon). In the end, Ma Yun had to mention that he wore a female Canadian down jacket last year (that is, a female model, according to Ma Yun himself, in fact he did n’t have time to buy clothes himself, and he wore whatever he gave him, but the color was pretty good) It has become popular, and he has worn it on more than one occasion. At one-and-a-half time, the purchasing agents are crazy, and this cargo is comparable to the star. Jack Ma’s watch is more than one, but it is very famous that it is the ADAMAVI series, which costs 43800 yuan. Some people may ask me what is the origin of the Carl F. Bucherer brand. In fact, rabbits have been introduced a long time ago. They are very famous watch and jewelry dealers in Switzerland. Brands sell things (I believe that the name BUCHERER has been seen by many people who have bought watches in Switzerland, do not believe to check the warranty card of the watch you bought, pay attention to the dealer name). Jack Ma should be considered an earlier generation of the Edmar series, which was released around 2008. Of course, this does not mean that Jack has bought it for so long, because this watch has not been discontinued, and it can still be found in the store now. . How about carrying capacity? Absolutely first-class. Since the first time this watch was photographed, ‘Ma Yun with the same model’ has become the selection standard for many fans. It is said that there are quite a few consumers who ask for this watch in the store, and some are bought immediately. under. Because of the popularity of the market, at this year’s Basel show, Edmar (the name comes from the Latin adamare with the meaning of ‘loving something’) has also become an important series of Bucherer, adding 3 A total of 9 new mechanical watches in size. The three dimensions are 39 mm, 31 mm and 28 mm, including manual and automatic winding movements, which can basically be said to meet the various needs of men and women. These two sizes are two sizes. The scale and material are also sufficient, such as digital scale and Roman scale. The material also includes steel and gold, and of course, steel belt and Belt optional. The Chinese market is huge, and there are so many consumption phenomena beyond our current knowledge that it is interesting. There are many kinds of consumption. Even the big brothers have a lot of consumer habits we don’t know. I used to think that IT men only had the highest-profile electronic products, but in fact, the IT bosses in my group were obviously electronic products and luxury goods (no wonder the money is not enough), even if it is not luxury goods, It may also be a work of art. In short, people always have a source of hobbies, otherwise what is the meaning of money? An elderly person with a net worth of over 100 million yuan said to me when consulting about buying a watch that he didn’t know how to spend it besides investing money. He was very confused. I said that it may be because you need to cultivate more interest-there is a place to burn money if you are interested. Often the wealthy people in the 1950s and 1960s were more resistant to consumption. This was related to the growth environment, and it was a virtue to be thrifty. But I always think that consumption within the ability is not evil, but a necessary step for aesthetic improvement. Especially in the era of consumption upgrade, for enterprises, if they want to increase product added value, the best learning object is luxury goods. Rather than stars bringing goods, in fact, I prefer to see real talented entrepreneurs bring goods—whether wealth is driven by knowledge or young fans, which itself will affect the aesthetic trend. Believe that the beautiful items you bought carefully and thoughtfully, every penny you spend one day will become a mark of your own, whether it is on the body or in the head, please be patient and leave yourself time. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!