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    Hermes And The Invisible Promotion Of Transformers

    For fashion, the trend led by ‘Transformers 3′ tells us that robots no longer represent surrealism or futurism. Their additional task of coming to earth is to become part-time humans. A new vehicle for ’embedded’ advertising in society.
    Of course, in addition to the weird psychological advantages brought by Metersbonwe MTEE, Lenovo Computer, and Yili Shuhua Milk, in a metal and manly action film, the resolute senior officials of the Ministry of Defense are also a bit ‘indifferent.’ ‘Holding mainstream fashion luxury goods LV and Hermes. If you can still ignore it visually, then a sentence of Hermes Birkin Green Ostrich bag is enough to suddenly interrupt the tense atmosphere. At least 3 seconds of close-up freeze lens implantation. The last minute also prayed for the comfort of the earth. At this time At this moment, I made a small difference, identified the English letters he heard, and recalled whether the emerald bag he had just seen was Birkin or Kelly. Maybe fashion comes with a kind of self-deprecating humor.