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    Xiao Ming’s Day …..

    Xiaoming is an ordinary office worker. At 8.50 in the morning, as usual, Xiaoming came to the convenience store downstairs to buy breakfast, a sandwich and a jar of milk, and finished breakfast. Hou Xiaoming’s brain packed the garbage into a plastic bag in a convenience store, but a second before he put it in the trash bag, a little doubt suddenly flashed in his head. Is the sandwich plastic packaging with some mayonnaise still recyclable? ? The morning passed so fast that it was time for lunch again. On a hot summer day, Xiaoming turned on the takeaway software and ordered today’s lunch. However, there are not a few people who have the same idea as Xiao Ming. Xiao Ming took the bag from his breathless take-out brother and watched the take-away software on the mobile phone overtime to pay the red envelope. I thought that there was no time to deliver it on time. At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, after finishing the task at hand, Xiaoming felt that he was making good progress. He opened a few packets of snacks and drank a bottle of beverage and took a break. The time on the computer screen shows that it is now 5.55 in the evening. Xiao Ming is staring nervously at the work group. It seems that he does not need to work overtime today. For Xiao Ming, it is common practice to be left overtime at the last moment. In an hour, the clock on the phone finally jumped to 6 o’clock. This is one of the few times this month that Xiao Ming left the office on time. Xiao Ming’s mood was free. Today is the weekend. Xiaoming and three or five friends meet for dinner. A new seafood restaurant nearby is very good. When they first open, they often need to line up for three or four hours to eat. After opening for a while, they are still waiting. It’s been a long time, but it is acceptable. The dishes in this restaurant are really well-deserved. Not only are they good-selling, but the taste is also top-notch. Xiaoming made a circle of friends, and soon got a lot of praise. Full of food and drink, Xiaoming and his friends had a great night. On the way, Xiaoming suddenly remembered that the fruit in his home was gone, so he bought a few bags of fruit at the fruit store on the street and went home. Summer nights are always sultry. When Xiao Ming saw that the fruit shop also sells cold drinks, he bought an ice cream while walking and eating, holding the ice cream packaging in his hand. Xiao Ming put it into the dry trash bin without any hesitation this time. After returning home, Xiaoming took out the purchased delivery from the cabinet. This time the box was filled with a lot of anti-collision materials. The eight corners of the box were all intact. After a tiring week of work, the waves can’t move. After taking a hot bath, Xiaoming lay in bed and brushed for a few moments after the public number ‘watch and clock tour’ which he recently paid attention to. This is the day of Xiaoming’s day. Severe marine plastic waste pollution16, which is the amount of disposable plastic products used by Xiaoming a day. How much disposable plastic do you use today? Imagine stacking up all the disposable plastics you use today, and then think about the scale of billions of people around the world who will produce almost the same amount of plastic waste as you do every day. These plastic garbage may not be degraded for decades, and a small part of it is recycled. Most of it is buried in the soil, and some of it floats into the ocean under the action of wind. According to statistics from the United Nations, the amount of plastic garbage in the ocean reaches 8 million tons each year, accounting for 80% of marine garbage. Many marine organisms lose their lives by ingesting these plastic garbage. A lot of rubbish is scattered on the beach. Some of the rubbish will be immersed in seawater. The plastic rubbish will eventually become plastic particles, which will be absorbed by the fish, and finally be fished, cooked, and eaten into the stomach of people. Some scientists predict that more than 50% of the human body contains such plastic particles, and the specific impact of these particles on health is not obvious, but it is definitely harmful to health. The problem of pollution is becoming increasingly serious. In order to avoid being swallowed up by the power of science and technology, many companies also consider improving the environment as their mission. Swiss independent watch brand Oris is one of them. Oris clean ocean action photo. Oris recently launched a clean ocean operation in the beach wetland near the Nanhaizui Guanhai Park in Shanghai. Hundreds of Oris watch owners and volunteers participated in the event and did not come to the scene in person. You can never imagine so much rubbish hiding in tidal flats and dams. Volunteers picked up garbage on the beach under the scorching sun. In just one hour, everyone cleaned up 357.05 kilograms of beach garbage, but this was only a small part of the garbage on the beach. More than 300 volunteers participated in this clean beach operation. The focus on the diving watch is not only the craft of the diving watch itself, but also the water environment, Oris also pays special attention. Oris has funded more than a dozen marine protection projects in recent years. This year, Oris set up a special marine protection project, and cooperated with the Pacific Garbage Screening Program, the Coral Reef Restoration Foundation, and the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Association. Start all aspects to purify the ocean. Volunteers sorted and counted after picking up trash. At the same time, Oris released the ORIS Clean Ocean Limited Edition Watch, the ORIS Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition Watch and the ORIS BlueWhale Blue Whale Limited Edition in response to these three topics. Edition watch. Clean Ocean Limited Edition watch, the bottom of the watch is inlaid with a round badge made of recycled marine plastic, always reminding people that marine pollution is always around Great Barrier Reef third-generation Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition Blue Whale blue whale The limited edition watch, as David Weber, President of Oris Greater China, said: ‘We are facing severe environmental challenges around the world. Both individuals and institutions have an obligation to contribute to the protection of the ocean and the improvement of the ecological environment. . For Oris, improving the environment is one of the brand’s missions. We hope to promote the concept of marine environmental protection through thematic watch releases and related activities, inspire consumers to participate in environmental protection to the greatest extent, and look forward to sustainable marine ecology. Bring Real Change. ‘Mr. David Weber, President of Oris Greater China, attended the event and delivered a speech to protect the marine environment. Oris is on the road. And each of us can also change our habits to accelerate the environmental protection cause, reduce the number of disposable supplies, participate in public welfare activities, and spread environmental protection knowledge to those around us. A single spark can start a prairie fire. The best WeChat account and watch consultant for professional watch media, which is founded by Bai Yingze, a watch culture expert of ‘Watches and Clocks’, who knows watch information. 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