Rare James Bond And Paul Newman’s Rolex Wrists Show Their Antigouron Auction

What do Paul Newman, James Bond, and Jane Crowd Killie have in common? In addition to being a pop culture icon, everyone has a famous episode with a special Rolex watch. These models will be on sale this week at Antigoren antiques and modern watches.
The world’s top watch auctioneer Antigoron held its last auction of the year at its New York headquarters on December 13. There will be a total of 340 modern and antique clocks, led by a number of valuable Rolex models.

The blockbuster Rolex Gold Ref. 6241 Daytona is familiar to collectors and is a rare ‘Paul Newman’ model. This well-known actor often wore this watch after he began to like racing. The watch was made in the 1960s and is a round button chronograph with a non-reflective black bezel and gold strap on the tachymeter scale. Comes with watch case, warranty (now blank) and instructions for use. Estimate: $ 75,000-125,000.

Another Paul Newman lot is Ref. 6241, made in 1968. It is a waterproof stainless steel watch with a stainless steel Rolex Oyster strap, with Rolex service documents, marked September 19, 2005. Estimate: $ 50,000-$ 70,000.

The Rolex’s Dato-Compax chronograph was made in the 1960s and is best known for wearing the French Olympic ski champion Jan Claude Keely. The auction will present a rare Ref. 6036 stainless steel model, a round button chronograph watch with 3 sub-dials and a stainless steel riveted strap. Made in 1951, comes with a matching box and warranty. Estimate: $ 35,000-$ 55,000.

The Rolex Ref. 6238, circa 1962, is a round button chronograph watch with a tachymeter scale, often called ‘Pre-Daytona’. It is available in stainless steel, 14k gold and 18k gold. Appearing on Antigoron are black dials in stainless steel with a certificate of approval. Estimate: $ 40,000-$ 60,000.

Antigoron also provided the rare Rolex Ref. 5510. Early Submariner models were nicknamed ‘James Bond’ because of their relationship with Agent 007. Wear a Rolex in 007 in the novel of writer Ian Fleming and his early movie incarnation. Now because of advertising sponsorship, Bond wears Omega watches in movies. The watch was made in the first quarter of 1958. This model was produced for only one year, which made it an extraordinary collector’s value. This is a self-winding stainless steel diving watch that is water resistant to 200 meters. Another feature is the large ‘Brevet’ crown. Comes with a stainless steel buckle strap. Estimate: $ 25,000-40,000.

Baselworld Basel 2013-sir Hamilton Hamilton Face 2 Face Watch

‘Dual identity’ is a fantasy element that can only be seen in fairy tales and science fiction movies. Hamilton watches have appeared in many such movies from ‘Genius Ripley’ to ‘Spider-Man.’ Originated from the United States, Swiss-made Hamilton entered the new field of watchmaking in 2013 and launched the ‘dual identity’ Jazz FACE 2 FACE watch. Pioneer and classic two distinct and different styles meet face to face in the same watch.

Impression is reality
The Hamilton Jazz FACE 2 FACE watch has two distinct faces. The unique reversible case houses two dials, a passionate chronograph and a cool and elegant three-hand watch. These two opposites have in common that they both have a visible carved skeleton movement. The two sides of the watch cooperate with each other, and the case is flipped to provide us with two-time display and different wearing moods. The superb watchmaking technology dating back to 1892, combined with high-tech materials and functions, guarantees precision and comfort beyond wonderful transformations. Limited to 888 pieces worldwide.

Different mirror reflections
The Jazz FACE 2 FACE watch brings mirrored design from high-end women’s watchmaking to a whole new level. It transcends the reflection and sublimates to fantasy. The chronograph uses smoke gray sapphire as the dial, and it is difficult to hide the vitality with the blue texture. The three-handed watch is the exact opposite. The sunray brushed silver dial is calm and elegant. Both the front and rear mirrors are made of anti-glare coated sapphire, which allows us to appreciate the inner beauty more clearly. The chronograph uses the ETA2094 automatic winding movement, and the three-hand watch wears the ETA2671 automatic winding movement. The oversized oval case of 53mm by 44mm is eye-catching, and the black leather strap with blue lining and stitching is equipped with a new folding buckle to show the personality to the end.
Founded in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the Hamilton Watch combines the free spirit of the American spirit with the excellence of Swiss craftsmanship, and is famous for its innovative design and texture modeling. He has performed well in the field of aviation watches, and has gained a reputation for his deep relationship with Hollywood. He has appeared in more than 400 blockbusters so far. Hamilton is a member of the Swatch Group, the world’s largest watch manufacturer and distributor.

Technical Parameters
Size 53 x 44mm
Material Stainless steel
Dial Face 1: Smoke grey chronograph dial
 Face 2: silver-gray three-hand dial
Strap Black leather strap with blue lining and stitching
Movement ETA 2094 self-winding chronograph movement
 ETA 2671 automatic movement
 Carved movement decoration, oscillating weight
Mirror Sapphire mirror with anti-glare coating on both sides
Water resistant 50m
Global Limited 888
Suggested retail price RMB 45,600

Kalpa Xl Hollow Three Questions To Feel The Eternity Of Time

Kalpa, translated as ‘robbery’ in Chinese, is an expression of counting units in ancient India. From the Kalpa XL skeleton questionnaire, we can feel Parmigiani’s thinking about the expression of time.

 The ‘skeleton’ part of the skeleton watch shows the various ‘skeletons’ of the mechanical watch movement. Every gear and other parts and every angle have been carefully polished and modified to show the front of the person in the perfect posture. Even so, the watch masters are not only satisfied with the superb polishing process, they have further exerted their sophisticated skills, turning the movement into a timeless art work, showing the movement’s unparalleled beauty. The combination of time and music with the minute repeater function allows one to hear the sounds of the universe. Time is audible. People who love watches, like to listen to the crisp ticking sound of the escapement and feel the flow of time in the dead of night, this is a kind of listening. The other is the incredible timekeeping sound of the minute repeater. You will sincerely sigh the magic of the mechanical process. The Kalpa XL skeleton minute repeater combines the hollow-out manufacturing process with the minute repeater function to interpret the ‘art of time and music’ in an intuitive way.
  The center of the dial of the Kalpa XL skeleton minute repeater has a skeleton design, the purpose is to let people see the beauty of the movement as a universe secret at a glance. In the design of the face plate, the hollow design is a test of the watchmaker’s superb technology and overall grasping ability. The three-question mechanism that was always mysteriously concealed in the past is now presented generously in front of your eyes through the hollow face plate. You will see that the mechanism, adjustment, and minute repeater structure of the time travel elegantly in front of your eyes, like the universe galaxy never evades the eyes of the world. The minute repeater sound quality is very important and can directly affect our judgment on the quality of the minute repeater. But this watch did not disappoint us. The watchmaker greatly improved the standard of movement accuracy, and there was a qualitative improvement in sound quality. The time signal sounded like a Sanskrit sound in a small universe. The Kalpa XL skeleton minute repeater uses a manually-wound mechanical movement Parmigiani Fleurier Calibre 350, with hand-decorated Geneva stripes on the splint. The movement oscillates 21,600 times per hour, has 33 jewel shafts, and has a power reserve of 45 hours. Small seconds at 6 o’clock on the dial. Minute repeater with two scales, which can tell the time, the moment and the minute. The case material can be made of platinum or 18K rose gold.