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    Modernist Aesthetics After The Art Deco Louis Vuitton Top Jewelry Acte V Series Ii

    Louis Vuitton Acte V top jewelry series one, its inspiration comes from the main character during the period of modern art deco style-Gaston-Louis Vuitton. In 2015, the Acte V series launched the second chapter, The Escape, and the sixth high jewelry collection launched by the Louis Vuitton brand. Find inspiration from the late period of Art Deco, cross time and space, and integrate Streamline Moderne into jewelry design. This architectural style focuses on aerodynamics, simple and smooth shapes and emerging materials, so the futuristic design style is perfectly presented by carefully selected unique rare gems, echoing the first chapter of Acte V’s top jewelry series.

       The streamlined modernist style originated in the early 1930s as a response to the Great Depression. The genre was originally inspired by travel at the forefront of technological advances. Industrial designers have abandoned the relatively complicated decorative lines of the Art Deco period, drawing on the horizontal and arc shapes of the outward extension of the hull of aerospace and transatlantic steam ships. The focus of this change is that ‘simple functionality’ is no longer the sole focus of industrial design. It is more important to predict that ‘visual aesthetics’ will be a crucial new direction in the future design direction.
       The formation of this artistic style has led to the emergence of a new profession-the designer, and also created an aesthetic concept that runs through all art forms.

       Today, this modernist artistic style resonates with Acte V’s top jewelry series, The Escape: every piece of jewelry is unique because of its smooth lines: delicate multi-strand necklaces, sensual and charming bracelets, eye-catching Earrings and luxurious rings. The logo of The Escape series is a complex and changeable V shape. It presents a variety of abstract shapes with various smooth arc designs, creating a dynamic texture like flowing water. It intersects with the fan pattern and blooms with the lotus shape. The lotus shape symbolizes eternity, and also marks the important influence of the decorative style of ancient Egypt on the art deco style.

       The carefully selected pearls show an extraordinary gradual effect by their size and color, and the long bead strings created from them create a longer and fuller visual effect than the actual size, as if to emphasize the dynamic nature of the movement It also has surprising similarities with abstract art.

       The esteem of lightness and beauty fits perfectly with rare jewelry to create Louis Vuitton’s sixth top jewelry collection. In this series of top jewellery items: there are Paraiba tourmalines weighing 32 carats, which interact with black opal and emeralds, and shine; it also comes from the famous Australian Lightning Ridge The opal in the mining area weighs more than 30 carats, and adopts a triangular design structure, which is as dazzling as twilight; the unique gray pearls perfect their own gloss under the penetration of the extreme sapphire light from (Pien Pyit) mining area Show.

       In addition, there are spine with vivid colors, rubies from Tajikistan, vibrant purple sapphires, tsavorite with green diamond-like light, limited tourmaline with rare and unique colors, and shiny Japanese waves that are as soft as waves Ancient house (Akoya) pearl. Each one can hold the connoisseur’s eye tightly, and it is intoxicating.
       Acte V–The Escape’s top jewellery collection perfectly embodies the essence of streamlined modernism, and also opens a new chapter for Louis Vuitton’s exquisite aesthetics and superb craftsmanship.