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    Introduction To Rolex New Water Ghost 116610ln

    Automatic winding, equipped with a permanent movement pendulum movement certified by the Swiss Precision Timer Testing Center COSC, with a water-resistant depth of 300 meters (1,000 feet). The movement is specially selected by Rolex’s patented Parachrom hairspring, which has high strength shock resistance and anti-magnetism, and can keep the travel time accurate even in the most severe underwater environment. It is a reliable timepiece for divers.
     The 40 mm case is made of hard and corrosion-resistant 904L stainless steel, which is sturdy and resistant to seawater corrosion, and also has precision waterproof performance. Its unidirectional rotating outer ring uses a highly wear-resistant Cerachrom ceramic outer ring, with black and green surfaces. Outer ring of the same color, the inner part of the upper scale is filled with platinum.
     The watch’s indicators and Chromalight fluorescent substance coated at the hour can provide the wearer with a clear time display even when diving deep into the dark sea bottom. The watch is equipped with a Rolex Glidelock buckle, which can be adjusted at will to make the wearer feel more comfortable.

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    Black Shinji Commentary On Girard Perregaux Biaxial Tourbillon Watch

    The dual-axis tourbillon watch is a functional mechanism that combines mechanical structure with innovative ideas to technically show beauty and express time. Girard Perregaux, widely regarded as one of the world’s top ten watches, its watchmaking technology is beyond imagination. In 1867, a founder of Girard Perregaux made the first one by virtue of the peak of tourbillon technology. Three golden bridge tourbillon watches, and won the gold medal at the World Expo. The exquisite craftsmanship of the biaxial tourbillon can be said to be in the same vein as the Girard-Perregaux watch, especially in the layout of the Banqiao is inseparable from the style of the Sanjinqiao Tourbillon. Next, the watch house will experience the ‘black true meaning’ with Girard Perregaux Biaxial Tourbillon. The official model is: 99810-24-000-BA6A

       The case and crown are made of titanium and treated with black DLC sandblasted coating; the classic round design always has an elegant atmosphere. The dual-axis tourbillon design also injects new life into Girard-Perregaux watches and highlights the style of top mechanical watches.

       The 45 mm case diameter is too large, but it is really a good choice for friends who like large diameters; the knurled crown is more inclined to the manual rotation force for easy winding.

      On the black semi-hollow dial, two gold bridges are framed, which are double gold bridges; the hour and minute hands are set at the gold bridge hollow at the center; the center of the gold bridge at 12 o’clock is set with pink diamonds, and the bottom dial is round The shape method is engraved with Girard Perregaux’s English logo, and with petal patterns, it fully displays the traditional craftsmanship of Girard Perregaux.

      At 6 o’clock is the dual-axis three-dimensional tourbillon. Because of the dual-axis three-dimensional tourbillon, the traditional three-gold bridge design is changed to the double-gold bridge, which highlights the mechanical charm of the dual-axis tourbillon.

      The tourbillon consists of two different frames, which can rotate the balance wheel and escapement at multiple angles. The inner frame is equipped with a balance wheel and an escapement system, which makes one revolution every 45 seconds, the outer frame makes one revolution in one minute and 15 seconds, and the entire tourbillon takes one full revolution in three minutes and 45 seconds. The flexible and graceful rotation attitude makes people uncontrollable; the repeated rotation action improves the accuracy of the machine better.

      The black DLC titanium case and black crocodile leather strap perfectly blend Girard Perregaux’s traditional exquisite craftsmanship and classic ideas. The delicate modification shows the high respect of Girard Perregaux’s founder.

      Through the sapphire glass, the inner concentric guilloche structure can be clearly seen, and the metal texture on the sandblasted surface is particularly strong. The GPE0201 manual-winding movement with a diameter of only 34 mm can guarantee a power reserve time of 72 hours, and the movement frequency of the movement can reach 21600 times / hour, which is 3 Hz. Such a movement fits naturally in a titanium case.
    Summary: The dual-axis tourbillon watch is the best proof of Girard-Perregaux’s inherited history of excellent craftsmanship, and it is another place where the aesthetic and artistic value reaches its peak. It also injects new soul into Girard-Perregaux’s traditional craftsmanship. Based on the original three-gold bridge tourbillon, the dual-axis tourbillon changes the three-gold bridge into a two-gold bridge through the three-dimensional display of the tourbillon, thus highlighting the Girard-Perregaux top-class mechanical watch’s exemplary craftsmanship. .

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    Ruya Chic Rolex Cellini Series 5241-6

    Rolex watch brand believes that everyone will not be unfamiliar. Since childhood, Rolex is an object that adults are touting. Even now, it still represents the grade of high-end watches. Today is a watch from Rolex’s non-popular series Cellini watch, let’s enjoy it together.
     In this very special series of Cellini, each one has its own lead, and the 5241/6 black dial watch looks calm and dignified. The 5241/6 watch is made of 950 platinum, and the case is made of noble and luxurious metal, demonstrating nobility and high grade. Platinum is extremely rare and precious because it is produced in only a few countries, so platinum has become a status and status symbol. The watch mirror is made of anti-wear sapphire crystal glass. Its high hardness and light transmission determine that it is the most suitable material for the watch mirror, just like the choice of material for coins, which is a product of historical choice. The round dial is tinged with platinum and white metallic color, proud and dazzling, and the dial is engraved with the name of Master Cellini, which represents its speciality. Connected to the lugs is a black leather strap, paired with platinum, which complements each other and reflects the dial color, which is more harmonious and unified. This is the personality and balance sought in aesthetics.

    The Cellini 5241/6 watch has a calm and temperamental appearance, demonstrating the elegant and gentlemanly grace of a man. The case has soft lines, full color, and the plate layout is just right. The beauty of simplicity is self-evident. The small lugs and the small plate surface work together to pursue the delicate design concept. The Cellini series has always paid attention to art. The artistic style shows a different style.
     The Rolex Cellini 5241/6 watch incorporates an artistic style, applying the classic small seconds dial design, which makes the dial no longer monotonous and at the same time fills the sense of layering. The design of the small seconds dial is often applied to various types of watches. Almost every chronograph is available, but the small seconds dial design of the chronograph is due to the needs of the movement structure and functional requirements, not just for the sake of Make classics. The classics that can reflect its classics are undoubtedly those with special meaning and historical and cultural heritage, such as Patek Philippe’s Calatrava, Vacheron Constantin’s heritage series, Omega’s constellation, etc., and Rolex’s Cellini 5241/6 watch It is such a watch, born for art and for classics.
     At the same time, the Rolex 5241/6 watch also has the waterproof function required for daily life. The black belt is equipped with a platinum discount, making it easy and comfortable to wear, and easy to operate.

     The Rolex Cellini 5241/6 watch uses a cal. 1240 manual winding mechanical movement. It is a small three-pin version of 1225. It is very durable, but it lacks decorative polishing. The Rolex movement has always performed well, but the details are not very beautiful. As an elegant watch movement, the details of some parts of the 1240 movement are still in place, comparable to the movement level of the world’s top brands. . The 1240 movement can even surpass PP’s basic movement 215 in practicality, so it is already one of the top movements among the first-class brands.
      The Rolex Cellini Series 5241/6 is generally elegant, low-key and calm, with a restrained temperament. It is a watch full of gentleman charm, but also to pay tribute to art. The function is simple without losing interest and practicality. The design of the small second hand adds a lot of agility to the dignified disk surface, and waterproofing is the area where Rolex is best at, and it is also a necessary function for daily wear. The movement uses a 1240 manual movement with a blue paramagnetic parachrom hairspring patented by Rolex, which has stable performance and strong shock resistance.
    The Rolex 5241/6 watch is unique in that it is one of the rare and elegant watches of Rolex, and it inherits the genes of the Cellini series and has a unique cultural heritage. And moral. In addition, although there are many Rolex Cellini models, the output of each model is not high, so 5241/6 also has a certain collection value, and has a large number of fans in China.
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