Introduction Of Hublot King Power Series New Watch

HUBLOT not only combines with charity to promote sports marketing, but also actively develops environmental protection issues! Newly launched the ‘King Power Oceanographic 4000’ diving watch co-branded with the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, with a spirit of professional watchmaking, it is concerned about the marine environment; this model not only passes the international standard specifications of the Swiss watchmaking industry (NIHS), and uses high-tech titanium metal and brand-exclusive carbon fiber as the case material, showing rugged characteristics that can withstand up to 400 atmospheric pressure and lightweight and stylish design.
Hublot ‘Oceanographic 4000’, pure mechanical operation challenges deep sea timing
 The “Oceanographic 4000” of Hublot’s “King Power” series is deeply symbolic of professional diving. The research and development purpose is to challenge the limits of the reasonableness and possibility of deep diving of mechanical watches. From a purely mechanical point of view, do not add Substances that assist in resisting water pressure, such as liquid silicon, are capable of withstanding 4,000 meters of deep water pressure. After 18 months of research and development and testing, they have been officially listed in Taiwan after passing the International Standard Specification (NIHS) of the Swiss watch industry. .

18 months of R & D technology crystallization, surpassing the Swiss NIHS standard certification
 After the international standard specifications of the diving watch have been unified, the actual test standard far exceeds the waterproof requirements of the general watch model, and it is certified to be waterproof to 4,000 meters. The actual measurement in the Swiss international standard specification must be capable of immersing the watch in water to a pressure of 1.25 times Above (4000 * 1.25), that is, to pass the standard of 5,000 meters of water depth pressure, to pass the level. Others including safety timing devices, corrosion resistance, shock resistance, and visibility are all indispensable. Hulbot’s ‘King Power Oceanographic 4000 ‘is one of the professional leaders who passed these international standardized tests.
High-tech titanium and carbon fiber case, sticking to professional, lightweight R & D practicality
 ‘King Power Oceanographic 4000’ adopts a sapphire crystal with a thickness of 6.5mm in order to resist the pressure of 4000 meters of water depth. The case is made of extremely strong grade 2 titanium, or the all-carbon fiber case unique to Hublot. Therefore, although the diameter of the case reaches 48mm, it can still show the rugged and lightweight professional design at the same time; in addition, in order to meet the dark depth of 4,000 meters, it can still be easily read For the requirements of time, the dial, scale ring and hands of the Oceanographic 4000 watch are all optimized to expand the surface area of ​​the green SuperLuminova & trade professional long-lasting luminous paint, and the time scale can be easily identified even at a distance of 25 cm.
Exquisite layout, ‘Oceanographic 4000’ water security general mobilization
 The safety of deep diving in the sea is the first consideration in the design of professional watches. The Hublot ‘Oceanographic 4000’ distinguishes the two rings of the scale ring for calculating the diving time and the time ring for general timekeeping, which are placed at 2 o’clock. And 4 o’clock to avoid accidental contact; Hublot has abandoned the practice of setting the diving calculation time scale ring on the outer ring of the case, and changed the ring to the inner ring of the inner dial of the sapphire crystal, and operates at 2 o’clock The faucet is equipped with a large crown cover and an O-ring safety lock to prevent collisions, erroneous operation, and water resistance. At 10 o’clock, a helium exhaust device is installed to prevent the watch Due to the pressure change, the paragraph has a problem of gas explosion.
  Hublot ‘Oceanographic 4000’ is based on comprehensive safety considerations. It is equipped with a two-pin buckle and a dedicated strap for diving watches. The two-pin buckle is safer than folding buckles when diving and is easier to operate when wearing gloves. It is worth noting that the way the double-needle buckle and strap are linked to the case is the first design adopted by Hublo. The way to link the case is to embed a small button at each end of the case without using a screwdriver or other accessories. You can replace the strap. There are two types of strap materials: black rubber and rubber mixed nylon. The 8mm thick strap is longer than the normal strap, and it is easier to wear after wearing a wetsuit.
The Maritime Museum of Monaco joins the watch industry for the first time, and Hublot enters the field of maintaining marine ecology
 The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco is one of the oldest and most abundant marine museums in the world. It has been established for more than 100 years since 1910 (please refer to htm), the collaboration with Hublot is the first time the museum has agreed to co-brand with a watch, so it is quite symbolic. Hublot chose to support the Maritime Museum of Monaco, not only respecting the history and unique heritage of the highly prestigious Monaco Institute, but also decided to sponsor the mission and scientific investigation of the Institute in order to actively support marine research and preservation. The first formal meeting of this partnership, the Deep Sea Conference, will be held on October 13th at the Paris Institute of Oceanography. Hublot will be the main partner.