Kunlun Special Edition Golden Bridge Automatic Watch

Corum GoldenBridgeAutomatic Golden Bridge automatic watch, using a new carbonized Titalyt treatment of titanium barrel-shaped case. The surface and the mirror are set with anti-glare sapphire crystal with no less than four sides, anthracite surface and red scale. The watch is like a precious and transparent display case, which makes the operation of the single-axis winding automatic disc visible. Kunlun builds wrist watch, launches special edition Golden Bridge automatic watch
    This watch is equipped with the C0313 automatic uniaxial winding long movement. The movement is set in a Golden Bridge Automatic with a double-sided transparent case. It is equipped with a single-axis automatic dial made of platinum and a sliding spring system. The power reserve is forty hours. This 194-component movement is also equipped with a variable inertia balance to ensure long-term precision and a micro-shaped barrel that ensures the smooth operation of the long movement; the bottom plate and the plate are made of Crafted in white gold; a vertical engraved pattern on the linear automatic plate highlights the characteristics of this vertical movement.
The CO313 movement is one of the few movements on the market equipped with a single-axis running automatic disc.
    The CO313 movement is one of the few movements on the market equipped with a single-axis automatic disc. It technically solves the inertia problem inherent in this type of movement. The automatic disc is made of precious and dense platinum material. It weighs four grams and has a swing distance of one centimeter. It can effectively avoid the slowing of the swing force or hinder the ability to swing back due to the washer system. . The concept of CO313 movement research and development is to provide a floating and aerial single-axis automatic disc that is pulled by a track. The steel track is coated with Teflon’s PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), while the contact point between the carriage and the track running on the track is made of beryllium copper. The combination of these two materials produces the best efficiency. The energy generated during winding will be transmitted through the toothed bar of the automatic disc, and it can be continuously transmitted through the reverse system with ceramic ball bearings without lubricant, to ensure the single-winding operation.
This transparent watch makes the passing of time full of magic
    Corum also raised the Golden Bridge Automatic to raise funds for the Only Watch charity auction. Antonio Calce, CEO of Corum, said: ‘The children’s dream is to empower themselves to change the world; let us help them realize their dreams and build a better world. I am glad that our brand can This cause is linked, and for those children who are a luxury of time, our help can make their dreams come true. For this year’s ONLY WATCH charity auction, I chose to launch a unique watch on the market, Golden The Bridge Automatic watch is proud that this transparent watch makes the passage of time full of magic. ‘