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    Bvlgari Bvlgari Brings Top Jewellery To The 2014 Paris Antique Biennale

    2014 marks the 130th anniversary of the BVLGARI Bvlgari brand. Bvlgari brought hundreds of new high-end jewellery to the 27th Biennaledes Antiquaires. The Paris Antique Biennial is the most prestigious jewellery event in the world. This year, Bulgari will display high-end jewelry, watches and antique jewellery specially created for the Paris Antique Biennial, writing a beautiful chapter for this event. The exhibits show the characteristics of Rome, the source of Bulgari’s brand, and let the charming charm of ‘Eternal City’ bloom in ‘City of Light’. As the only Italian jeweler invited to board the magnificent Grand Palais in Paris, Bulgari will present the charming Italian style, deep traditional heritage and superb craftsmanship to the world.

      Celebrating the brand’s birthday, reviving style events
      To celebrate the 130th anniversary of the brand, BVLGARI Bulgari invited the famous American architect Peter Marino to rebuild the Bulgari Rome flagship store. The reopening of this historic flagship store kicked off a series of celebrations for BVLGARI. At the same time, Bulgari financed the repair of its beloved Spanish staircase. This well-known building constitutes an indispensable scenic line of the flagship store of Bulgari Condotti Avenue 10.

      This year’s Paris Antique Biennial brings Bulgari’s 130th anniversary celebration to a climax. The custom showroom pays tribute to the brand’s deep heritage, echoing the brand’s unique architectural style, materials and themes. Bulgari’s birthday celebrations kicked off in Rome and hosted grand exhibitions and high-jewellery collections in the fashion cities of Sydney, Houston, and Tokyo.
      A glorious chapter in modern history
      In the 2014 Paris Biennale of Antiques, BVLGARI Bvlgari will bring a hundred pieces of high-end jewellery that have never been made public, under the famous glass vault of the Grand Palais in Paris, reflecting the sparkle of gems. Some of them are inspired by Bulgari’s iconic series, including the Serpenti series, the MVSA series and the Diva series. And all the masterpieces are the ultimate interpretation of Bulgari’s unique style: bold color combinations, rich and full volume, unusual gems, and original cutting designs.

      Serpenti Collection
      Since the 1940s, the serpentine design has become an enduring symbol in BVLGARI jewelry design. This mysterious symbol of eternity, charm and richness, as early as 46 BC, was jewelled by Cleopatra, the ‘Cleopatra celebrity’, and it was amazing. The classic snake pattern is perfectly integrated into the Serpenti series of jewelry and watches. It is extremely charming and shows the iconic concept of Bulgari: the favorite color combination, the use of a variety of different materials and unique craftsmanship, creating a suit for any A masterpiece of jewellery for occasions.

      Diva Collection
      BVLGARI Bulgari inspired the eternal beauty of the world-renowned celebrities to create the new Diva series of jewelry, creating a feast of top visual charm. The iconic motifs of this series of works are inspired by the extraordinary mosaic technique in ancient Roman architecture, and they are designed in a fan shape to pay tribute to the heritage of Bulgari. The goddess of Bulgari is the ultimate interpretation of Italian-style femininity, and it is loved by the world-from the majestic Cleopatra Cleopatra to the legendary movie star Elizabeth Taylor.