Constant Launches Ultra-thin Classic Watch

Frederique Constant’s new ultra-thin classic series watch has both stainless steel and rose gold plated case. This watch is equipped with a Frederique Constant FC-710 self-winding mechanical movement with 26 jewel bearings. The movement is decorated with intricate fish scales and delicate round Geneva ripples. The power reserve is 42 hours. The case diameter is 42 mm.

This watch has hour, minute, second and date functions, all of which can be adjusted with a crown on the side of the case. The ultra-thin case with a large dial, combined with simple and exquisite hands and scales, forms a strong visual impact, presenting a clean, classic, and tidy appearance. The 6 o’clock position of the dial is equipped with an analog date display. All hands are polished by hand.

The official price of this watch starts from € 2,490, which embodies Frederique Constant’s brand philosophy-‘accessible luxury’. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

Fashionable Trendy Tricks For A Second To Change The Goddess

With the continuous development of social productive forces, people’s material and cultural living standards are also increasing, and consumer demand and levels are also quietly changing. Many people are enthusiastic about Bulgari jewelry, LV elegant ornaments, Chanel’s signs, they are a symbol of status and status, can show the noble taste of women, highlight the style of luxury, it is undeniable, although the purchase of luxury goods to a certain extent, there is a vanity of love. However, based on the human pursuit of beautiful things, the brand represents an outstanding design and production ability, a human ability to pursue perfection, and this purchasing psychology is understandable. As long as it is controlled within a certain range, it must not be pursued blindly. luxurious.

  Bulgari’s balance also combines classic and modern features, breaking through the rigorous rules of traditional academic design, and creating a unique Bulgari style inspired by Greek-style elegance, Italian Renaissance and 19th-century metallurgical technology.

  If you think that Bulgari’s colored diamonds are too gorgeous, then this rose gold watch will definitely make you enthralled. The 31mm case is made of sparkling 18K rose gold, and the BVLGARI-BVLGARI ring logo inscribed on the rose gold bezel is stylish and individual. The white mother-of-pearl dial shines softly, with 12 delicate diamonds on the dial as the dial scale, which shines brightly, and two willow-shaped rose gold hands are delicate and elegant. The crown is inlaid with a bright red ruby, adding a bright color to the watch. Finally, the 18K rose gold chain watch is set with bright-cut diamonds and looks very gorgeous on a woman’s wrist, just like a string of bracelets wrapped around a slender wrist.

  Bags are one of the important accessories for appearance decoration. You will never understand the enthusiasm of women for bags. Ladies need to pay special attention to the choice of bags. Spring or summer with a lighter color bag looks fresh and natural. This Bulgari bag has a soft color and simple design, which is very suitable for this watch with white dial. This bag has the article number 35084 and measures 20x15x3.5 cm and 7.9×5.1×1.4 inches. White calfskin shoulder bag decorated with ‘Serpenti’ enamel and malachite gold-plated envelope, snake-shaped handle, generous and elegant, trendy style. One built-in open pocket. Other colors and fabrics are available.
  The first black high-tech precision ceramic J12 watch was launched in 2000 and immediately set off a revolution in style. Its black is not the surface treatment, but the deep black from the ceramic material itself. High-tech precision ceramics are highly scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, and time-honored, highlighting the longevity of black J12. More importantly, the J12 black ceramic makes the design more prominent, reflecting the vibrant luxury sports style.

  There are different trajectories in women’s lives, they like to play with time. A glance at the watch, gazing into the distance, a simple action, triggers infinite charm; the finger gently slides across the dial, time is continuously passing, the hands tick, and only the Chanel J12-365 watch accompanies them through every moment.

  The J12-365 watch is the first J12 watch specifically designed for women in the history of Chanel. The diameter of the case echoes the name and is designed to be an exclusive 36.5 mm. Black or white high-tech precision ceramics with stainless steel or BEIGE (beige) gold, so that this watch’s elegant luxury index has taken it to another level, showing the feminine charm. Triple folding clasp for elegance. Equipped with an automatic movement, a 42-hour power reserve, and a water-resistant depth of 100 meters, it meets the diverse needs of modern women. J12-365 has a total of 8 watches based on different colors: 4 black ceramics and 4 white ceramics, all equipped with mechanical movements. Chanel’s exclusive diamond-set or diamond-free models cater to women’s different needs.
  Chanel bags are the choice of fashion brands in the eyes of many women. Most of Chanel is made of lambskin (or calf leather). The leather is dark and has a bumpy feel. Chanel’s bag is very stiff and will not collapse. Especially sheepskin bags, not only feel good, but also have a kind of original skin smell. This black bag is very suitable for fashionable women. Black shiny sheepskin material, diamond pattern, silver classic double C buckle logo on the front, a brown leather shoulder strap, silver metal chain design at the junction, and internal hugs. Style zip closure with external flap closure. Black watch with dark-toned bags, whether it is daily wear or participate in activities, are more versatile and not lose temperament.

  All the iconic elements of the Dior brand are also infused into the design of high-end watches: its architectural lines are reminiscent of the precious and light ‘the Bar’ jacket. At every moment of day and night, it embodies the nobility and elegance of women with a graceful and refined attitude. The Roman numeral ‘VIII’ (‘eight’) is a magical number for Mr. Dior, reminiscent of the following: The Dior brand was established on October 8, 1946; the street where the brand workshop is located, Montien Avenue is located in Paris. The eight districts and a series of related, this DiorVIII high-level watch introduced to everyone will bring a surprise to ladies again.

  DIORVIII showcases a feminine fascination and adds subtle changes. The long lugs, the slim case and bracelet, and the pyramid-shaped pyramid with a gentle angle all implicitly embody the advanced custom-made spirit of the Dior brand in the production of high-end watches. 36 mm polished rose gold case with diamond-set bezel and rose gold ring decoration, anti-glare sapphire crystal, crown set with a rose-cut diamond, and rose gold luster crystal case back. White mother-of-pearl dial, faceted hour and minute hands in rose gold. Polished rose gold bracelet, pyramid link, rose gold folding buckle. The watch is equipped with a ‘Dior Inversé 111/2’ self-winding mechanical movement. The rotor with gold or mother-of-pearl and diamonds is designed on the dial. The design is inspired by the skirts of the brand’s fashion design. The global limit is only 88 pieces.

  Leopard prints often show a unique personality. They are born with a temperament goddess fan. Not everyone can hold leopard prints, but women who can hold leopard prints are not easy. The ‘LadyDior’ handbag is unique and can be regarded as a timeless art masterpiece that shows the spirit of Dior’s haute couture. Create a mysterious and charming Dior female image with this pony-effect calf leather leopard print handbag. It can be carried by hand or carried on the shoulder, showing timeless elegance. Comes with silver accents.


  The CapeCod series has been a mainstay of the Hermès family since 1991. This classic watch collection is reinterpreted in a stylish and elegant way, retaining its curved radians and unique lugs. The dial has been redesigned with a replaceable strap, and the cases of Tonneau and CapeCodNantucket models are available in silver-the distinctive silver alloy material is uniquely developed by Hermès, which retains its unparalleled brightness forever.

  Hermès watch works re-interpret this precious metal material, bringing the exclusive development of silver alloy creations. This new type of silver alloy has a higher silver content than the traditional 925 alloy. It has been specially developed by a person to ensure that the silver alloy can retain its blooming light for many years. The slender and elegant CapeCod Nantucket watch, its elegant lines fit smoothly with the wrist; the case is replaced by the high-quality silver alloy of the previous 925 silver alloy, refracting the flashing light, and the brightness is different. The subtle radian of the case ensures a perfect wrist-like feel, with and without diamond models. The design of the case is inspired by AnchorChain anchor chain links, which can be attached to the wrist with a replaceable strap, emphasizing the precious qualities of the watch.

  The biggest feature of Hermès watch is that it is as beautiful on the inside as on the outside, with a layer of leather on the outside and a layer of leather on the inside, just like a truly elegant lady. When you reach into the bag to find something, not only the hand feels comfortable, the eyes can also See the beauty inside. This bag is made of brown cowhide leather with clear leather texture and low-key simplicity. Unique drop-shaped grooves on the sides. Silver snap button closure with Hermes logo engraved on the inside. Leather inner sole for high durability. The brown leather perfectly matches the watch, giving you unique charm.

In summary: maybe some fashion or luxury brands are prohibitive for women with ordinary income due to their high prices, but this does not prevent them from loving, chasing and yearning for them. Behind the expensive price of luxury products, it also contains unique creativity and exquisite workmanship. Every woman deserves a dream and dreams of dressing herself up. They hope that they have an oversized dressing room, which not only has beautiful clothes of various styles, but also a variety of bags, domineering watches, stylish personality glasses … Although we taste and appreciate high-end brands, but It’s not a complete chase. Fashion doesn’t have to be the end to luxury. What is best for you is not necessarily the most expensive. The most important thing is to have a happy life attitude in order to find the best taste for you. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)