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    Wind In The Wrist, Hold Live 2017 Popular Color Fiyta Extreme Series 30th Anniversary Watch Appeared At The 2017 Basel Watch Fair

    In Basel in March, there is a kind of light, not strong or weak, just right. Since 2000, Colour Institue, a subsidiary of Pantone, has released fashion colors every year. These colors are not only one of the indicators of fashion trends, but also the source of inspiration for designers in the new season.
       The watch industry also has its own popular colors. The watchmakers at the forefront of fashion have integrated the popular colors into the dial, breaking the dull monotony of the past, and rolling up a different design trend.
    30th Anniversary of Primrose Yellow / Lapis Blue x Extreme Series

       Primrose yellow is born with a warmth, as if the first rays of sunlight just emerging from the clouds fell on the shoulders, warmly wrapped around you, activating that energy that has accumulated throughout the winter. Lapis lazuli represents the starry expanse of the clear night sky. Born from the calm blue color of the past, it is strong and confident, exuding a strong inner light, yet unforgettable and understated.

       The extreme series watches focus on coupe elements, and their tough and tough shape makes it stand out from many watches. The air grille-like hollow and the steering wheel-shaped dial seem to ignite the adrenaline of young people in the first place. And this commemorative watch boldly used the yellow / blue second hand. The vividly contrasting second hand lights up the expansive and deep black dial, like a racing car that is about to start, and has already felt the passion and vitality of the gallop before it even hit the road.
    Watch configuration
    Name: 30th Anniversary of Extreme Series
    Model: GA866000.BBB
    Movement: automatic mechanical movement
    Dial: hollow, oil pressure
    Table mirror: single-sided anti-glare coated synthetic sapphire glass
    Ring mouth: stainless steel, IP plated black
    Case: stainless steel, IP-plated black
    Hands: Black-plated brass hands
    Bottom cover: stainless steel, threaded see-through bottom, synthetic sapphire glass plated with decorative film, electroplated wheel-shaped pattern
    Strap: stainless steel
    Clasp: stainless steel, black IP-plated, double opening buckle
    Waterproof: 10ATM
    Limited: 3000 pieces per model worldwide