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    Accurate To Seconds Lange’s New ‘richard Lange Jumping Seconds’

    Richard Lange Jumping Seconds interprets the concept of scientific astronomical watches in a new way, striving to be accurate and clear and easy to read. The balance wheel is continuously driven by a constant-power escapement accurate to the second. The combined seconds-jumping device makes the time display switch every second. This 39.9mm platinum 950 watch is equipped with an eye-catching sundial dial, limited to 100 pieces.

       Richard Lange Jumping Seconds cleverly integrates two major devices to coordinate their functions: the one-second constant-power escapement brings extreme precision. The seconds jumping device ensures that the time display is clear and easy to read, and the large second hand moves forward 60 steps per minute, not bad. The zero-setting device is equipped with a clutch composed of multiple discs, which makes the synchronization process of the watch fast and smooth: after pulling the crown, the second hand will jump to the zero position. Richard Lange Jumping Seconds originates from a watch series launched by Lange in 2006. Over the years, the brand has continued to innovate to inject new elements into this scientific astronomical watch.
       The seconds jumper is one of the classic complications of precision watchmaking. In the past, pocket watches used this technique to determine star and solar time and even longitude. To this day, we can easily read the seconds through the skip seconds function, which is especially convenient for measuring short pulses and other timings. The seconds-jumping device plays a significant role in Lange’s history. In fact, Ferdinand Adolph Lange developed the ‘one-second movement and beating hands’ as early as 1867. Ten years later, Lange was granted a patent for the invention by the then-established Imperial Patent Office, one of the first patents he had obtained.
    Grand Stage with Jumping Device
       The silver-gray chronograph dial features a large second circle on the top to keep the wearer aware of the smallest of the three time units. There are smaller hour and minute circles at the lower left and right ends. The platinum 950 case with a diameter of 39.9 millimeters not only has a precise and classic shape, but also highlights the functional aesthetics of the dial structure.
    10-hour red countdown indicator
       On the dial, there is a triangular window at the intersection of the hour and minute circles. When the power reserve is exhausted ten hours before, a red indicator will appear there to remind the wearer to wind the watch.
    Consistent constant power

    Lange’s own L094.1 movement

       The newly launched L094.1 self-made movement overcomes all the production difficulties of the jumping seconds device. This movement combined with sophisticated technical layout, on the one hand, outputs constant power, on the other hand, the second hand jumps to two wheels and interacts. The first wheel train extends from the mainspring barrel to the balance wheel position, and through a constant power unit, the energy is evenly transferred to the escapement every second. Through the window of the wheel train bridge, two major functions of the escapement can be observed: one is to compensate for the constant attenuation of the spring, and the other is to offset the torque change that may occur when the second hand jumps. This keeps the watch at a constant amplitude during a power reserve of up to 42 hours. Equipped with an eccentric weight balance and free-wheeling self-made balance spring, the watch’s speed is accurate.
    The Mystery of the Second Jump Device
       The main barrel is powered by another wheel train. The purpose is to convert the amplitude of the balance wheel 6 times per second, so that the second hand jumps forward one space. Like Ferdinando Adolf Lange’s early invention, the entire process is controlled by the escapement mandrel and the pentagram-shaped parts attached. As can be seen from the transparent sapphire crystal wafer disc, the mandrel and escape wheel rotate along the axis every five seconds. Every second, a corner of the star-shaped part ‘jumps’. Next, the long lever powered by the mainspring will instantly rotate 360 ​​degrees and stop by the next corner of the star-shaped part. This 360-degree rotation moves the second hand to the next second scale through the gear train connected to the four wheel hubs. At the same time, the switching switching power of the jump provides a new energy for the permanent spring of the constant power escapement.
    Accurate and reliable home function
       Richard Lange Jumping Seconds is equipped with a zeroing device. The clutch on the four-wheel mandrel is equipped with three discs and a special pointer spring. The central clutch disc is fixed on the four-wheel mandrel; in the closed state, the spring pushes the top and bottom clutch discs simultaneously. Therefore, the clutch can prevent the large second hand from rotating in a sudden acceleration and deceleration cycle in the normal operating mode every second. When the crown is pulled up, the complex lever system is activated, the balance wheel is blocked by the stop spring and the clutch is opened. At this time, the four-wheel mandrel will be separated from the gear train, so that the return to zero process is completed without friction. To this end, the reset lever will rotate against the heart cam, and the second hand will immediately return to the 12 o’clock position. Press the crown back to its original position, the clutch will close, the balance will run again, and the movement will restart.
    Limited masterpiece
       The hand-wound movement, composed of 390 parts, is meticulously crafted to meet the strictest Lange standards. The limited edition of 100 Richard Lange Jumping Seconds platinum 950 models not only reflects cutting-edge technology, but also incorporates a number of exquisite craftsmanship, including bridges made of untreated German silver and decorated with Glashütte stripes, and hand-carved balance wheels Plywood, eight screws holding the gold sleeve, and a finely finished and polished surface.
    Movement The L094.1 movement produced by Lange Watch Factory is manually wound. It meets the strictest quality standards of Lange and is carefully modified and assembled by hand. Five-way precision adjustment. The splints and bridges are made of untreated German silver; hand-carved balance wheel plywood
    Movement parts 390
    Sapphire Bearing 50
    Screwed gold sleeve 8
    Escapement system lever escapement system
    Oscillation system Anti-vibration balance wheel with eccentric weight; self-made balance spring, vibrating frequency up to 21,600 times per hour, precise adjustment system combining lateral fixing screws and gooseneck lever
    Power reserve: 42 hours after fully winding
    Functions Hours and minutes display, seconds skipping device with stop seconds and zero reset; power reserve end indication
    Operating element Crown for winding and setting time
    Case dimensions Diameter: 39.9 mm; thickness: 10.6 mm
    Movement size diameter: 33.6 mm; thickness: 6.0 mm
    Crystal and case back Sapphire crystal (Mohs hardness 9)
    Case Platinum 950
    Dial Solid silver, silver grey
    Hands 18-karat gold rhodium-plated hour and minute hands, blue-steel seconds
    Strap Hand-stitched alligator strap, black
    Buckle Lange platinum 950 pin buckle
    Limited edition of 100 pieces