“Omega Is Attracting Younger Consumer Groups”

In China’s watch market, Omega has one of the best locations. In the first half of his career, Okehua, the global president of the brand, has held senior management positions in Blancpain, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and Audemars Piguet. He has been the global president of Omega since 1999. He has led the brand to this day.

记者 When the reporter interviewed Mr. Okehua, the main focus naturally fell on the Chinese market. Whether the Chinese market is still as strong as before, whether Omega has adjusted its strategy in recent years, and whether the impact of China’s anti-corruption policy on the watch industry has affected them-these are all people’s urgent thoughts To know. Taking the opportunity of Basel 2014, our reporter interviewed the president.

First Financial Daily: The current global economic situation is not optimistic. How does Omega plan to maintain and continue to explore the Chinese market? From a global perspective, how is Omega’s performance in the Chinese market?

Okehua: For Omega, the Chinese market remains stable, and we are very proud to remain in the leading position in the industry. In China, Omega has hundreds of flagship stores, and our flagship store network will continue to expand. We see China’s growth potential and hope that more Chinese consumers can access and understand our products.

Daily News: Omega, as a Swiss watch that entered the Chinese market in the early years, has performed well for many years. What is the key to its success? How did Omega achieve today’s great achievements?

Okehua: Yes, we entered the Chinese market very early, so the name of Omega is widely known in China and has become the longing of many people. There is no doubt that Omega’s appointment as the designated timing for the Beijing Olympics in 2008 has made our brand image even more popular. Omega’s success in the Chinese market is largely due to our excellent Chinese team, who have a very deep understanding of the market’s direction, product positioning and the needs of potential customers. Finally, the Omega flagship store I mentioned earlier is an important reason for our success in China. Because through the flagship store, we can present products directly to consumers here.

Daily: But since last year, China’s anti-corruption policy has caused a decline in the luxury industry. Does Omega also face the same problem?

Okehua: China’s new policy will obviously have an impact on certain consumption patterns, but it will not affect Chinese consumers who sincerely purchase Omega fine watches bearing a glorious history and long-lasting value.

Daily: Will Omega make strategic adjustments to the changing market environment? For example, target customers, mainstream watches, etc.

Okehua: We have noticed that Omega is attracting younger consumers, who pay special attention to the design style and appearance of watches. Of course, we have effectively taken advantage of the opportunities offered by digital communications and adjusted our communications strategies accordingly. From a product perspective, we adhere to a coherent and targeted product strategy, always focusing on the quality and innovation of the main watch series.

Daily News: Which watch was the best watch on the market last year? why?

Ou Kehua: Generally speaking, we will not publicly disclose that a particular model is the best-selling, but I can say that the Constellation series has always been well received by consumers in China, and the same popular disco elegant series. The hippocampus and Speedmaster series are among the most popular watch search keywords, and our entire product line has won widespread consumer support.

Daily News: Which of your favorite watches is Omega’s new collection in Basel?

Okehua: One of my favorite watches is the Haima 300 watch, which is a classic return of the ‘Master Co-Axial Calibre’. Its mechanical movement is beyond imagination, it can resist the interference of strong magnetic field of more than 15,000 Gauss, and it is waterproof to 300 meters. This series of watches combines the achievements of Omega’s material innovation in recent years. It uses new materials including Ceragold, 18K Sedna gold, Liquidmetal, etc., and is equipped with a ceramic dial and bezel. This series is inspired by the earliest Hippocampus 300 watch, but it also highlights Omega’s outstanding achievements in watch technology and materials, combining stunning mechanical technology and timeless beauty.

美 The beauty of craftsmanship

At this year’s watch exhibition, Hermès combined watchmaking and crystal crafts to launch the unique Arceau Millefiori watch. The dial and cover of this model are made from the 19th century Cristelleries Royales de Saint-Louis Millefiori, and the mechanical movement produced by Hermes Watch Factory in Switzerland Reciprocate each other.

It all starts with a crystal furnace called Pot Furnace. The crystal craftsman puts the metal torch into these furnaces, takes out a certain color of crystal or enamel, and rotates the molten crystal or enamel by hand. The master of crystal production begins to work patiently. To understand the silent ballet. The metal torch is passed in the hands of each person, gestating between the breaths, until the monochromatic crystal is cooled and formed into a crystal stem that creates a thousand flower pattern. These stems look like malt candy bars, with multiple layers of crystals on the enamel to give the color tone. The formed mandrels are cut into 10-mm segments, which are erected by a crystal craftsman who specializes in making thousands of flowers and placed in an iron bowl to form a flower bed pattern. When the crystal craftsman prepared the ‘semicircle hat’ or ’round hat’ fused crystal that was tightly attached to the metal torch, another colleague laid the iron bowl with the thousands of flowers on the table. The first craftsman pressed the transparent fused crystal clinging to the top of the torch, pressed the molten crystal on the Qianhua iron bowl at a precise position, and covered the transparent crystal with the Qianhua pattern. Thousand flower crystals only show the full picture of the pattern in the final cutting stage, and the vivid and colorful flower bed, its unique beauty will become the dial or cover of Arceau watches or pocket watches.

Crystal and enamel have similar complicated processes and stunning effects. Athens Watch has always been good at commemorating famous adventure ships, battleships and landmarks with enamel watches. This year, it pays tribute to the most respected fully-equipped frigates of the Italians with new watches. The brand’s latest launch of the ‘America Vespucci’, miniature replicas are as lifelike as real ships. The glowing colors on the dial and 3D three-dimensional effects make the watch a real texture.

Only a few watch brands have mastered this technology, and the Athens watch factory has unparalleled skills in making top-quality timepieces. During the production process, enamel needs to mix different metal oxides and corresponding amounts to extract different colors and shades, such as opaque, transparent, translucent, etc., but the proportion of the mixture is generally a trade secret. Each color block is clearly separated by a gold line to prevent enamel melt from flowing to other color blocks. Generally, more than 500 mm long gold wires are needed to make contoured color blocks. The entire process takes 50 hours and 26 processes to complete an enamel painted dial.

In addition, Athens Watch is also launching the Classico Horse 鎏 Golden Watch for the Chinese New Year of the Horse. The watch image, like a wild horse without a reins, seems to embody the spirit of freedom and unrestrained innovation pursued by independent watchmaking brands. This model uses a sophisticated and sophisticated method of filling in enamel (Champlevé), directly sculpting the area to be colored on the dial with a chisel, and then fill it with enamel solution. Its warm tones of black, white, tan, gray and green are refined from different metal oxides, perfectly depicting natural landscapes and a small group of beautiful animals. The dial is then baked at a high temperature to melt the enamel. After the enamel surface has cooled, it is polished and polished. An extraordinary work by the master of enamel craft was born.

9 / At this year’s Basel watch exhibition, the Athens watch pays tribute to the most respected full-equipped frigate by the Italian with an ‘Amerigo Vespucci’ enamel watch. 10 / Chopard Happy Sport jewelry watch is also one of the popular models in this year’s watch exhibition. 11 / The new jewellery watch of Glashütte ‘Spiritual Collection’ inherits the unique pillow-shaped design of the 1920s and is set with 513 brilliant-cut diamonds, which can meet the discerning taste of bright jewelry for modern women. The 12 / Dior Grand Bal watch series is a wonderful choice to match with gorgeous evening ball and prom dresses. Its unique patented pendulum is looming and becomes an exquisite decoration on the dial.

From The Cockpit To The Wrist: Bell & Ross’s New Basel New Br 03-92 Bi-compass Watch

Bell & Ross has once again exhibited outstanding creative and avant-garde spirit, while still faithfully inheriting the brand’s value concept that values ​​functionality and practicality.

On the journey of exploring the ideal practical watch, Bell & Ross reversed the traditional watchmaking rules with a simple idea in 2005—converting the aircraft cockpit into a watch. As a unique original concept, the Instruments series is not only closely connected with the aviation world, but also has unique personality and high recognition.

Groundbreaking display and aviation instrument style

BR 01 RED RADAR 2011

BR 01 CLIMB 2013

Since the exploration of aeronautical navigation instruments, Bell & Ross has never stopped moving forward, and has developed many unique high-tech watches, such as BR 01 RADAR, BR 01 AL TIMETER and BR 01 CLIMB, etc. Wait. This resulted in an extraordinary series with innovative display functions.

Bell & Ross’s new models are still faithful to its brand concept, and are inspired by the pointer instruments in the cockpit of the aircraft-and each of them is accurate and easy to read The benchmark for reliability and reliability-this is the outstanding BR 03-92BICOMPASS watch.

In the design of this watch, Bell & Ross reproduced the drawing style of these navigation tools as much as possible, adding another unique choice to traditional timepieces.

Excellent design to improve legibility

& Bell & Ross designers borrowed the drawing features of navigation tools to create an extremely clear and easy-to-read original display. The resulting design and ‘color code’ achieved fast and accurate reading of time.

简约 The internal structure of the BR 03-92BI-COMPASS watch with a simple design is not simple. The dial is based on a double-layer structure and is divided into a central main area and an outer edge by a small ‘step’ equipped with a minute ring. The outer edge area is provided with a minute track. To improve legibility, the hour and minute scales are set separately to mimic the design on the prototype meter-the minute display on the main dial is enhanced, and the hour display is set in the central area. The hour indication is handled by a green triangle mark, which is located in the center of a separate concentric disc without scales.

Zhuo Fan’s design and structure bring extraordinary technical and technological challenges, which can only be achieved by relying on first-class professional watchmaking skills: the need to create an ultra-light disk to ensure the power reserve (or the accuracy of the watch Sex) does not decrease. In addition, this disk also needs to have enough resistance to ensure that it will not deform and there will be no risk of friction. To overcome the double challenge, special materials and new processes need to be developed. As the disc rotates, micron-level adjustment accuracy ensures that the disc body is always level. The accuracy of the entire assembly is guaranteed by the superb expertise of master watchmakers. The font of the numbers is consistent with the pointer aviation instrument panel (Isonorm).

Color serves practicality

航空 For aviation flight, the use of color is very important, because different colors need to be used to represent signals of various meanings. Therefore, appropriate color standards need to be set to ensure that the crew can recognize the information represented by the signal at a glance.

M Munsell green indicates the hours and is covered with a fluorescent coating (Superluminova®), which contrasts with the black dial, ensuring that the time is easy to read both day and night.

CoThe “coquilled’oeuf” (off-white) hands and numbers on the dial indicate the minutes and seconds, inheriting the legibility principle of professional aviation instruments.

颜色 This color is commonly used in various instruments, especially those of the US Navy aircraft.

的 The anti-reflective matt ceramic decoration on the case surface is also inspired by the color of an instrument panel, the purpose is to eliminate the reflection and make the dial clearer and easier to read.

The new BR03-92BI-COMPASS watch will make its owner feel as if he has a piece of material for the cockpit of the aircraft-whether aviation fans or watch fans will be delighted.

BR 03-92 BI-COMPASS Watch
Limited to 999 pieces


BR 03 92-IDC-CE / SRB
Retail Price: RMB 29,900

Technical specifications
Movement: movement number BR-CAL.302. Mechanical self-winding movement.
Table glass: Sapphire crystal glass with anti-glare coating.
Features: hours, minutes, seconds and date.
Waterproof performance: 100 meters.
Case: 42 mm in diameter. Matt black ceramic.
Strap: black rubber and super stretch black synthetic fabric strap.
Dial: Matte black. Hands, numbers, and hour markers are coated with Superluminova®.
Clasp: pin buckle. Black PVD coated steel.