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    Things Are Rare And Precious, Limited Edition Models 妙妙 谈

    Today, big brands are not enough to attract people’s attention. As a result, the burden of stimulating consumer nerves fell on the limited edition.
    When a brain epidemic makes everyone tired, everyone starts to pursue uniqueness and personality. Today, the latest Dior T-shirts are easy to buy; LV wallets are found everywhere in high-end office buildings; Burberry, the favorite of the British royal family, is no longer a minority patent. Although these so-called big names are expensive, they can still be bought at any time with money. So at this point, the limited edition product became a huge temptation.
    The big-name limited-edition product is also known as ‘luxury in luxury’. Its production principle is to luxuryize the product so that it cannot be copied, and it is limited so that only a small number of people can afford it. Maybe some people think that this behavior is just for the purpose of making gimmicks, but it turns out that luxury producers and consumers are willing to frequently recruit for limited edition products, and each limited edition product will be ordered out in a short time. Those who have bought a personality and upgraded the brand are naturally happy. In fact, the core value of the limited edition is not the product, but the dream and exclusivity it can provide.
    Watches are rare and precious, and the watchmaking industry also follows this creed. Whether it is a watch with artistic design or a machine with innovative functions, it is the most proud of limited edition watches. And we pay attention to limited edition models, not only because they have great appreciation potential, but also because each limited edition model has a wonderful story behind it.
    Harry Winston Opus 7

    Harry Winston, the top jewellery brand in the United States, and its Opus watch series, launch amazing works every year.
    This year’s design still emphasizes the visual shock. The butterfly-shaped movement watch bridge is directly inspired by modern art style. It echoes the butterfly dance series launched last year. It is very eye-catching with a small black dial at 2 o’clock. In addition, the hours, minutes, and power reserve display are mounted on an elegant bridge with a transparent gear system hanging from it.

    Tissot Nick Hayden 2007 Limited Edition Limited to 11,111

    In this real world that regards time and accuracy as life, Nicky Hayden, the 2006 MotoGP World Championship and Tissot global sports ambassador, deeply understands the truth of every minute and second, specially designed for him 2007 The limited edition racing series watch is based on his representative color-vibrant orange.
    Using the latest high-tech synthetic carbon fiber surface, the back cover is engraved with his victory number ‘1’, and engraved with his autograph and limited edition number. The watch is accompanied by a unique orange mini helmet box.

    Oris Sudoku Limited Edition

    RisOris is an exquisite gift to mathematical genius Leonhard Euler. Leonhard Euler (1707–1783) was a pioneer in the natural sciences and laid a more solid foundation for modern science. Oris launched 1707 watches based on his birth year 1707.
    The tangible square case symbolizes the Latin-style square numbers, and this is the dream that this mathematical genius has worked hard for his entire life. The hour numerals on the dial are lightly embellished on it to simulate the Sudoku style, which is fun and interesting. While grasping the time, you can also enjoy endless fun.

    Bucherer Arrival ‘Emperor’ Wildcat Limited Edition Limited to 25

    The 962 flawless black diamonds, brown diamonds and yellow diamonds are inlaid into the illusion of a real tiger pattern. The concept is unique. The limited production of 25 pieces is precious and rare.
    CatWildcat watch has beautiful lines, the size of the gold case is 45.1 × 31.4 mm, the proportion of the curved lines is just right, the two sides are inlaid with brilliant diamonds, and the gorgeous light flashes between the crystal flashes. Movement: high-quality quartz movement, dial: set with 367 black, yellow and brown diamonds, weighing 1.3 carats, and lined with brown silk satin strap.

    Vacheron Constantin mask series limited to 25

    What is the most evoking human experience? Vacheron Constantin’s watchmakers and designers considered many possibilities, and finally found that the mask was the most obvious choice.
    The master watchmaker of Minjiang Shidanton selected twelve masks from the collection of the Barbier-Mueller Museum to make a reduced gold version. These masks come from four continents around the world and have a history spanning three thousand years, and their reduced versions will be placed in the center of the dial.
    Oujiang Siddenton will last three years, and each year makes four models based on four different masks, each limited to 25 pieces. A total of 300 watches representing 12 masks will be launched in three years. The first set of four appeared at the Swiss Geneva Watch Fair (SIHH) in April 2007, and French writer Michel Butor wrote wonderful short poems for each model, giving voice to the mask, and even life.