Tissot 20th Anniversary Of The Tissot Touch Watch Special Edition T-touch Expert Solar Ii With Up To 20 Functions And Practicality Broken Watch

The popularity of today’s touch panels, in addition to mobile phones and computers, can also be seen on some watches with touch panel features. However, you think that the watch with touch panel function has only appeared in recent years. That is a big mistake. As early as 1999, TISSOT launched the T-Touch series of touch watches. The advent of the T-Touch series turned a memorable page in the history of Tissot watchmaking. In 2019, the T-Touch series has ushered in its 20th anniversary. To mark this milestone, Tissot has specially launched the T-Touch series 20th anniversary special watch.

The original T-Touch series touch watches have six basic functions, and after nearly two decades of continuous innovation, the T-Touch series touch watches now have twenty different functions

This watch features a satin titanium case and chocolate brown ceramic bezel, which not only shows the wearer’s resoluteness against harsh environments, but also sets off an extraordinary temperament. Brown leather and off-white stitching also hint at the old days of climbing Equipment is a double tribute to Swiss culture and explorers. The watch not only uses the Swiss soul—Jura and the Alps as design elements, but also makes full use of the functions of the T-Touch Expert Solar II solar panel, including solar charging. It is an adventure, rock climbing and hiking A great choice for travelers.

The faceplate is equipped with a solar panel, which uses inexhaustible sunlight or even light as energy and converts it into electricity, giving eternal power to the wrist watch.

The design on the back of the watch is inspired by the federal badge pattern, which also appears in the design of the watch’s exclusive wooden case. The pattern consisting of edelweiss and vertical stripes on the faceplate represents the traditional costume elements of the Armailli herders, in order to pay tribute to the Swiss shepherds who are soaring in the snowy mountains of Switzerland, and uses T-Touch Expert Solar II professional panel power Photovoltaic cell components are a must-have for explorers.

T-Touch 20th Anniversary Special Watch

Titanium material / ETA quartz movement / Hour, minute, second, date, week display / Perpetual calendar function / Chronograph function / Countdown function / Dual time display / Battery charge display / Low battery display / Altitude display / Alarm Function / Weather forecast function / Compass function / Altitude difference meter function / Regatta countdown function / Sapphire crystal mirror / Water-resistant 100 meters / Diameter 45mm